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Daman Beaches are similar to Goa beaches in many ways but…

If you are living in Mumbai and are a big fan of beach and booz, Daman Beach is a good and cheap alternative to Goa!!

Intrested? Keep on reading…

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Where is Daman Beach?

Daman beach is in the union teritory of Daman, located in the western part of India. This beach is close to Maharastra & Gujrat.

How to reach Daman Beach?

Daman is not directly connected by air or railroad though it is accessible by road.

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To reach Daman beach by train, you need to reach Vapi station. Vapi is a city in Gujrat. All trains have a stop at Vapi.

From Vapi, you can either take a Government bus or auto/taxi to Daman. From Daman bus stop, depending on which beach you want to visit, you can either walk or take a vehicle.

Nearest Airport To Daman

You need to take to flight to Mumbai, from Mumbai you can reach by the options given below.

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Nearest beach to Daman Bus stop

Bhayya beach (part of Nani daman beach) is just 10minute walk from Daman bus stop. Once you get down at Daman Bus stop, stand facing the City center building (its the tallest building around) and take the left road.

Beaches in Daman

Daman Beach

Daman is a sea side city, hence you will find long sea shores along the city line. Do note that the beach is black sand.

Following are few famous beaches in Daman:

  1. Jampore beach: This beach has water sports facility, horse and camel ride.
  2. Nani Daman Beach: This also has horse and came ride. Nani means small in Gujarati.
  3. Moti Daman Beach: This is continuation of the Nani Daman beach. Moti means Big in Gujarati
  4. Devka Beach: This is in the opposit direction of Moti Daman beach.

Daman beach distance

From Daman bus stop, the local beach (nani beach) is walkable distance. For Jampore, Modi Daman and Devka beach you will need some vehicle as they are around 5km or more.

What is Daman Famous for?

Daman is a beach city and also and Union territory. Apart from its beaches, that are black sand, It boasts of all the benefits of being an UT like cheap liquor (A king fisher strong bottel cost is Rs.80!!), cheap petrol/diesel.

Nani Daman beach


The adjecent state of Gujarat is a dry state and due to its promixity to Mumbai, a lot of tourist come to this place for cheap liquor. Even though the sign board at the sea shore says its illigal to drink on the beach and a find of Rs.2000/- will be imposed, many don’t heed to it and drink on the beach.

I did see Police van doing frequent patroling around the beah road.

Also note that you cannot take liquor out of Daman, there is a check post and police are very strict about it.

Daman Beach Restaurants

You will find many restaurants around the beach for every budget. There are fance as well as budget restaurants along with road side stalls.

Daman Cottage

If you are planning to visit Daman with a group, you can get cottage or even cheap rooms starting Rs.1000/- per night near the beach.

Mumbai To Daman Under Rs200!!

Cheapest way to trave to Daman from Mumbai is via local train. Get to virar and take Virar Vapi (Virar Valsad) shuttel. The total return fare will be around Rs140/-. From Vapi, take a bus to Daman, cost Rs.12/-. (you can also take sharing auto that will charge you Rs.40/-).

You can also board express train, unreserved ticket will cost your Rs.80/- for one side. You can book this ticket using UTS App as well.

Things to do in Daman:

Following are intresting activites to do in Daman:

  • Enjoy beach
  • Enjoy Sunrise and sunset
  • Visit forts
  • Enjoy sea food
  • Liquor is very cheap, drink responsibly.


Does Daman have good beaches?

The answer will depend on which beach you visit. Jampore has good attractions but Devka beach lack cleanliness.
Note that all the Daman beaches has black sand but clean water. At places you will find beer, alcohol bottels. Authorities are working give it a facelift and soon it may make to clean beach.
Thumb rule, if you are going with friends for party- you will like it, but with family restrict yourself to Jampore beach for now.

What is the best time to visit Daman?

Due to its proximity to sea, Daman have high humidity levels. So better avoid summer. Best time is from Octoer to March.


Daman beach is a nice one day outing spot. If you are with friends, you can extend the stay and enjoy the party and beaches!!