3 ways to UTS App Download

If you are a frequent train traveler in India, you definitely know how to get reserved tickets on Indian railways, both online and offline. 

Also, you must have booked unreserved tickets like local train tickets or platform tickets multiple times by standing in queue. But do you know unreserved tickets can also be booked online?

Yes, you can book your unreserved ticket across India by using UTS App from the comfort of your home.

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What is UTS App?

UTS full form is Unreserved Ticketing System, it\’s a mobile application from Indian Railway for booking unreserved train tickets like Local trains, Platform tickets online.

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How To Download UTS APP?


You can download UTS app using any of the following three ways:

1 . Download from platform store: UTS App is available for all mobile platforms like Android, Apple, and Windows.

You can download UTS app from PlayStore/AppStore/Microsoft stores. Remember to check the logo (as above) to avoid downloading useless apps that look similar or scan QR code below using any QR scanner app.

2 . Download from IRCTC Mobile App:

In case you are not able to find the correct app in the store, you can download it from IRCTC mobile app home screen as well.

3 . Downlaod by scanning QR code:

Just scan the appropriate QR code and install the app.

QR codes 1

Note: You can also scan a QR code from any of the local train stations and download the app.

How To Use UTS App?

To use UTA app, you will have to register/ create an account on this app. It will ask you a few basic questions and will create your account.

Your mobile number will be your user id and you will create your own password while registering in the app. An OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number, on entering the correct OTP your account will get activated.

Once your account is created, log in to UTA App on your mobile and start booking tickets as per your need.

Before the booking range was increased, I had to get down at Borivali/Thane/Dadar from the long distance train, go out of platform to book the local train ticket but now its very easy.
Now I am able to book the local train ticket from long distnace train itself, one stop before getting down on Borivali/Thane/Dadar!
This saves a lot of hassels and time, thank you Railways for this progressive thinking.

What all tickets can I book using UTS App?

You can book any unreserved tickets across India like:

Local train tickets: Using this app, You can book Mumbai local train tickets and pass, Chennai local train ticket tickets and pass, Hyderabad MMTS tickets.

Platform Tickets: Using this app, you can buy platform ticket anywhere in India.

Unreserved long-distance train tickets: Book general ticket for long distance trains using this app.

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How To Change Mobile Number in UTS App?

Your UTS account is linked to your mobile number. So changing your mobile number is the same as installing the app from scratch and configuring a new mobile number with it.

How to change location in UTS App?

You cannot change location in UTS App, it used your GPS to fetch the nearest local train station and books from that station only.

How to check train timings on UTS App?

After booking the ticket, visit the Booking History and click on the link “Next Train”.

How to print tickets booked using UTS App?

While booking, if you have selected Book and Print option, you can print the ticket at UTS Kiosk on the platform. But this defeats the purpose of the online tickets, better show the ticket on your mobile along with your id card.

How many tickets can be booked on UTS App?

You can book a maximum of 4 tickets on the UTS App in one go. For booking more tickets, you will have start the process again.

How to get an extension ticket on UTS App?

You can book an extension ticket in the same way as any unreserved ticket. Just make sure you book it before crossing the station till you already have a valid ticket. As you approach the station from where you need extension, the station name will appear in the UTS app and you will be able to book it while in train.

How to download ticket from UTS App?

There is no need to download ticket from UTS App. The booked tickets will be available on your mobile even if there is no internet connection.
Note: UTS ticket is valid only with UTS App, you cannot book it for someone else and share it (screen shot or some other way) for travel unless its a Book & Print ticket.


UTS app is very useful app while traveling. Ever since the range of booking have been increased. It helps book local tickets one station before the arriving station and you do not have to step out of the station for local train ticket!

Guide to Train Ticket Booking In India