Complete Guide To Mini Vrindavan, Palghar (Near Mumbai)

Govardhan Eco Village also known as mini vrindavan near Mumbai is an exact replica of Vrindavan in Mathura. Setup by ISKCON, this Eco Village offers spiritual tour along with some cool facilities that kids will enjoy.

Interested to know details? Keep on reading for the complete guide…

Note: This is not a tourist place, its a place of devotion hence appropriate behaviour is expected by the visitors. Also,only Jio mobile network is good here. For other providers, you may get signal only at the entrance gate and few other places.

Table of Contents

What Is Govardhan Eco Village?

Govardhan Eco Village is a replica of the original Vrindavan in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. It has two main temples and many small temples, Vrindavan Jungle, Yamuna ji and many more religious places that were part of Lord Krishna’s life.

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Where is Govardhan Eco Village ISKCON?

This mini Vrindavn by ISKCON is located around 90 km from Mumbai, 35km from Palghar, a town near Mumbai. People also refer to it as Govardhan Village at wada. Its exact location is Hamrapur, Wada Taluka, Palghar district Maharastra.

How To Reach Mini Vrindavan Near Mumbai?

Mini Vrindavan near Mumbai is around 2-4 hour trip depending on from which place in mumbai you start. Mumbai is well connected by Air,Road and Trains.

Once you are in Mumbai, you have two options to reach Govardhan Eco Village (also populary known as ISKCON Vrindvan by the locals at Palghar:

Mini Vrindavan By Car:

You can drive to Govardhan Eco Village either in your own vehicle or hire an Ola/Uber/any other cab service. It will take you around 2hr to reach here once you reach Vasai Bridge near Bhayander-Thane road.

Note: Do download the offline map as you may not find signal while on the way to mini vrindavan.

Mini Vrindavan By Public Transport (Train And Road):

You can also reach ISKCON Mini Vrindavan by taking a local train in Western line and getting down at Palghar railway station. You can either take a direct local (Dahanu bound) and get down at Palghar or you can reach Virar and take a shuttle train between Virar and Dahanu Road.

How to reach govardhan eco village from palghar station?

Once you get down at Palghar, go towards west and ask for ST bus depot that is on the north side. It is around 7-10 min walk or you can take an auto as well from the Palghar West railway station.

You need to board Palghar-Hamrapur-Kalyan ST bus.

Note: Clearly tell them you need to go to ST stop from where you will get bus to Govardhan Eco Village. I found the people at Palghar ignorant about this place. Seems there is two bus depot at Palghar, you need to go to the one on the north side (Dahanu side). Saying only ISKCON temple may further add to the confusion, so best thing to get directions is from any show owner (auto guy may try to take you for a ride!)

There is a direct bus from Palghar West ST depot to Eco Village at 730 AM (Palghar-Hamrapur-Kalyan ST bus). This is the only direct bus at the time of writing this post.

In order to get this bus, you will have to take the first Dahanu bound local that starts from churchgate around 5am (do check M-indicator for exact time) and will drop you at Palghar at around 640am.

In case you miss this bus, don’t worry, you can get any ST bus or auto till Manor village and from there you can get an auto till Mini Vrindavan.

While returning, the same direct bus will reach Govardhan Eco Village gate aroud 2-230pm else you can get an auto till Manor village and take an ST or auto till Palghar.

Note: If you are dependent on public transport, plan to leave by 430-5pm as you will not get any auto or bus after that.

Govardhan Eco Village Entry Fee

Entry to Govardhan Eco Village is totally free. You can visit between 9am to 7pm and take darshan at the two temples, enjoy prasad.

Govardhan Eco Village One Day Trip Price

There are two options available, if you want just one day visit- its free. Fee is charged only in case you opt for staying there and charges are towards the accomodation.

Note: Those optiong for accomodation get access to many other places as well.

The day trip visitors can take darshan at the Radha Vrindavan Bihari Temple and Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan Temple. For those who reigster for the free guided tour, they will be given the Mini Vrindavan tour that includes all the places related to Lord Krishna’s life. This will take around 1-1.5hr and end with aarati at Radha-Krishna kund.

Govardhan Eco Village Package

For those who have booked their stay, check in starts at 12PM. At the time of checkin, you will be given a band (that needs to be worn all the time) and wifi password.

The visitors booking there stay can access some additional places that are not open for day visitors. It includes:

  1. GoShala tour: Here you can feed and scrub the cows. Its an experience in itself.
  2. Video show and Orientation at Satsang bhavan: The video show takes you to the journey of Govardhan Eco Village establishment of ISKCON, work done by the Eco village.
  3. Spiritual Guided Tour Of Vrindavan Garden: This is same as for day visitors who have registered.
  4. Aarti at Radha Kund
  5. Yamuna Aarti
  6. Braj Geet Sangeet
  7. Shayan Kirtan at Sri Sri Radha Vrindavanehari Temple

Apart from these, you will get access to Kids play zone, swimming pool, animal shelters.

Yamuna devi aarti Eco village Wada ISKON

    Govardhan Eco Village Price

    You can book for stay at Govardhan Eco Village by visiting their website or book with using this link on GoIbiBo (enter property name as Govardhan Retreat Center to get discount!

    Note: September to March is the peak time, so better do online booking in advance.

    Check In time is 12PM, anyone arriving before that will have to wait. Check out time is 10AM and 2hr is needed for cleaning so don’t presurize person managing the checkin to hand over keys!

    There are many stay options available in the Eco Village (both AC and Non-AC). Each room has WiFi :

    Mahavan CottageAC room,Twin seperate beds, attached bathroom, Electric Tea Kettel
    Gokul CottageNon AC room,Twin seperate beds, attached bathroom
    Vrindavan CottageAC room,Twin seperate beds, attached bathroom, Electric Tea Kettel
    Madhuvan TentAC room,Twin seperate beds, attached bathroom,Electric Tea Kettel

    Govardhan Eco Village Room Rates:

    The room rated varies, during peak time the rates increase. Its advisable to book well in advance. Following image shows the room rates, you can check GoIbiBo enter property name as Govardhan Retreat Center to get discount!

    ISKON Govardhan Eco Village, WADA accomodation charges
    ISKCON Govardhan Eco Village, WADA

    Food Options At Govardhan EcoVillage WADA

    ISKCON’s commitment is that to not have any hungary person around its premises. The ECO village Wada have provision of both paid and free prasad (food).

    mini vrindavan iskcon wada palghar mumbai
    Board showing Directions to various spots

    Free khichdi Prasad available starting 10am near the temple. During lunch time (around 12) there is free unlimited prasad available that includes Rice, Dal, Chapati(limited), one veg.

    After having the prasad, devotees wash their plates at the wash area with the soap and scrub available there.

    There are two paid options available, one is Govinda Cafe that is accesible to the people who have opted to stay and other is Sri Giriraj cafe that is near the temple and available for all.

    They have thali options, sandwich, chaat options in their menu.

    Note: Sandwich and other items are available after 10am only, so be prepared if you arrive early. You will get Khichidi prasad only before 10am.

    Govardhan Eco Village Khichidi Prasad

    How to move around in ISKCON Eco Village?

    Only the people who have booked stay are allowed to use the battery car. Day visitors need to move around on foot as no personal vehicle is allowed beyond parking.

    Govardhan Eco Village FAQ’s:

    Who is the founder of Govardhan Eco Village?

    Prabhu H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj is the founder of Govardhan Eco Village with the support of ISKCON

    How many acres is Govardhan Eco Village?

    Govardhan Eco Village is spread across 100 acers and there are plans to expand it further.

    Which railway station is nearest to Govardhan eco village?

    Palghar station (local train stop) in WR is nearest to Govardhan Eco Village.


    Govardhan Eco Village is a very peaceful place. It attracts not only ISKCON devotees but casual tourists as well due to the peace and religious vibes people get from this place.

    This place is highely recommended. You can plan to visit in day trip itself (its free) but if you stay there, you will get access to some amazing experience.

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