Pune To Mumbai Train Guide & Timings in 2023

Pune is India’s leading IT services destination and Mumbai is the financial capital of India. The two cities are well connected by Air, Road and Trains.

In this post, I will explain in depth how to get the best out of Pune To Mumbai Train service, the littel hacks that only a regular traveler can share. Keep reading…

Travel Tips For Pune-Mumbai /Mumbai-Pune train traveler:

I have travelled extensively on Pune Mumbai/Mumbai Pune route and know some hacks that will help you in your travel.

  1. In case of any Mega block (which is every sunday in CR), these trains are the first to get cancelled.
  2. The pass coach become general coach on sundays and holidays, in case you are traveling un-reserved on these days you have a greater chance to get a seat in these coach (the tag outside the coach will still say its for Pass Holders only)
  3. You can easiely get a seat in General class if you reach at station before the train arrives (around 45min before the departure time)
  4. You can travel in reserve coach with your general class ticket and sit on any vacant seat. If TC ask, he will charge your Rs.15/- extra and allocate the seat to you.
  5. In case you do not get a seat in general class, try SLR class (this coach is next to engine). Quitely go and occupy a seat there.
  6. The trains after 7am and before 5pm are not croweded unless its a special occasion, you can travel in general class and save on your reservation charges!
  7. Use UTS app to book you un-reserved tickets
  8. In case you want to buy chikki, go for Lonavala Brand chikki. Other brands are not good.
  9. You can use long distance ticket in local train as well.

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Train is one of the most convenient and cheap option to travel between Pune -Mumbai. There are many intercity trains that operate between Pune and Mumbai only, making it the best trains to travel between the two city.

But do not limit yourself only to these trains as there are other long distance trains originating from Mumbai and passing via Pune.

Pune being an important city, all the trains halts at Pune.

DagduSheth Ganpati: Pune To Mumbai Train

Pune To Mumbai Distance By Train

The train travel from Pune To Mumbai takes around 3-4hrs. The train covers a distance of around 120km that includes the Ghat region after Lonavala.

Pune To Mumbai Train Timetable 2023

M-indicator is the best app using which you can find the train timetable as per your planned timing. Having said that, following are the Pune To Mumbai, Mumbai To Pune Train Timetable of the Inter City trains that origninate from Pune and Ends at Mumbai & vice versa.

These trains take around 3-4hrs of travel time and are most convenient. Do note that the trains before 7am and after 5PM are the most croweded.

#Train NameTrain Time
From Pune
Train Time
From Mumbai
1Sinhagad Express06:05AM05:50 PM
2Deccan Queen07:15 AM05:10 PMVista Dome available
3Pragati Express07:50 AM04:25 PMVista Dome available
4Deccan Express03:15 PM07:00 AMVista Dome available
5Intercity Express05:55 PM06:40 AM
6Indrayani Express06:35 PM05:40AM
Pune Mumbai Train Time table 2023/Mumbai to Pune train time table 2023

Pune To Mumbai Passenger Train Time Table

Train Number 51318 starts from Pune at 11:15AM and it terminates at Karjat station around 2:15PM. From Karjat, you will have to take the local train to any destintion you want to reach in Mumbai.

The same passenger train departs from Karjat at 3:25PM and reach Pune at 6:15PM.

Another train (#1326) departs Pune at 10:50PM and arrives at CSMT at 4:40AM

Note: This train is the least priority train hence don’t be surprised if its often late.

Pune To Mumbai Train Ticket Price

You can travel between Pune to Mumbai either by reserving a seat from IRCTC website/Reservation counter at station or buying a general ticket either from the station ticket window or get it online using UTS App.

The train ticket price depends on the class of travel. Following tabel shows the train ticket price for Pune-Mumbai.

Class Of Travel Ticket Price From Pune To CSMT
General (un reserved)Rs.90/-
2nd SittingRs.105
AC SleeperRs.500
AC Chair CarRs.385
Vande Bharat AC ChairRs.715/-
Vande Bharat Executive ChairRs.1320/-

Pune To Mumbai Train Pass

In case you are a regular traveler, you can buy a monthly pass. This pass can be bought either online using UTS App or from train ticket counter.

There is a seperate coach reserved for passengers with pass but the peopel traveling daily capture these seats and if you are not in their group, they will force you to vacate the seat.

This is hooliganism and RPF will take action against them in case you report it. Its an open secret and RPF will not act on it unless they get a complainet.

Vistadome Train Mumbai To Pune

Railways introduced Vistadome in few of the trains operating between Pune Mumbai.

Vistadone is available in Deccan Queen, Pragati and Deccan Express.

Vistadome Train Ticket Prices Mumbai To Pune and vice versa

The ticket price of traveling in Vistadome from Pune to Mumbai or Mumbai Pune is Rs.995/- plus taxes. The cost is justified as the view you get is amazing especially during monsoon.


Is there a daily train between Pune and Mumbai?

Yes, there are many trains that operate between Pune and Mumbai on a daily basis. There are 3 that are earmarked only to operate between Pune to Mumbai and 3 from Mumbai to Pune.

Is there local train between Pune Mumbai?

No, local trains end at Lonavala. Then the ghat (hill descent) starts where local trains do not operate. Once you get down the hill, local trains are avaialbel between Karjat to CSMT.
There are Mumbai to Pune and Pune To Mumbai Intercity trains along with long distance trains that you can use to travel between these two cities.


Pune Mumbai trains are in demand and lot of people travel between these two cities. I know many people who travel daily from Pune to Mumbai for their job!

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