Best way to travel between Pune Mumbai airports.

If you want to board an International flight, Pune is not a good option, it does not have an International airport. You will have to travel to Mumbai airport to board the international flight.

Similarly, if you are flying in from an International destination for Pune, you will land at Mumbai airport.

Keep reading if you want to know the best options to travel between Pune and Mumbai, and what to keep in mind while traveling.

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Pune to Mumbai Airport distance

The distance between Pune to Mumbai Airport is around 160km. It will take anywhere around 3.5 to 5hrs via road to reach there depending on the traffic situation. Via Air, it\’s an hour\’s flight but flights are not very frequent.

Ways to travel between Pune to Mumbai or vice a versa

There is very good connectivity between Pune to Mumbai, you can reach Mumbai airport to Pune or Pune to Mumbai airport via:

1. Air:

From Pune Airport at VimanNagar. If the flight lands at the T1 terminal (domestic only airport), you can now avail free shuttle service from T1 to T2. It will take around 20 min and this service is round the clock. Similarly, you can take a flight from Mumbai airport (both International or Domestic) to Pune.

2. Road:

Self-drive, Rent a Cab, Airport Shuttle, Private bus, and Government Bus. Mumbai Pune Expressway is the recommended route to take. It does have toll booths but it reduces the travel time a lot and is safe. The 3-lane road is able to handle any accidents/breakdowns without disrupting the traffic.

Note: FastTag is compulsory for your 4-wheelers else you will end up paying extra at Toll booths in Mumbai-Pune.
In case you want to ride a bike, you need to use the old Mumbai highway as 2-wheelers are not allowed on Express Way.

3. Train:

From Pune railway station. You will have to get down at Thane or Dadar station and take a cab to the International airport. If you have time and are familiar with local trains, you can take a local train to Kurla and from there a cab will be cheaper than from Thane or Dadar.

Just be aware of the lean hours, rush hours, and crush hours of the Mumbai locals 😀.

Similarly, if traveling from Mumbai to Pune by train, there are many “Intercity Trains” and long-distance trains operating between these stations.

You can board an appropriate long-distance train from CST, Dadar, Thane, Kalyan, Karjat, Vasai

Mumbai Airport to Pune Buses|Bus from Pune to Mumbai Airport

Pune to Mumbai airport bus service is provided by the government, MSRTC. It runs by the name Shivneri and these are AC Volvo buses with a frequency of almost an hour. 

It is available only from and to Mumbai Domestic Airport (Vile Parle T1). On weekends these buses may be full and you may not find a seat unless you have pre-booked a ticket. Other times you can just hop in.

Shivneri bus ticket is around Rs.600/- for this trip and makes sure you carry cash as the digital payment option may not be available. Another service provider ShivShahi may be a bit cheaper but I will suggest taking whichever bus arrives first.

Note: This bus starts from Borivali and halts at T1 for passenger pickup. The pickup point is near the parking lot of airport.

Pune to Mumbai International Airport bus

If you are in transit i.e you landed in one terminal say T2 and your connecting flight is from T1 or if you have a valid ticket, you can now avail the free shuttle service between the two terminals by showing your tickets.

There are many pickups and drop points in Pune for this airport bus. This facility is only for transit travelers.

Pune to Mumbai Airport Cab

A lot of options in cabs are available for traveling between these cities. You can pre-book an Ola/Uber or an Airport cab from MakeMyTrip/KK travels if traveling from Pune to Mumbai Airport.
You can also get pre-paid taxi from Mumbai Airport to Pune or vice versa.

Note: Since this is inter-city travel, it’s better to book one day in advance as not all cabs cover this route. Intercity cabs are sometimes difficult to get for immediate travel and you may have to wait a long time for it to arrive.

In case you are traveling from Mumbai airport to Pune, you can book directly at the airport or pre-book. There is no issue with availability at Mumbai airport.

Pune to Mumbai Airport drop shared taxi

You can get a shared taxi from KK TravelsThey do pick-up/dropoff at the residence.

It will save you some money but the flip side is limited luggage space, and time wasted as they have to pick up others on the way.

Note: Keep an additional 2hr as a buffer for reaching the airport as due to Covid, a lot of vehicles are on road, increasing the travel time.

How To Get Mumbai local train tickets Online

Each option mentioned above has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Limited flightsLots of optionsDepending on Train timing
Around 1hr4-6hrs depending on traffic condition4-6 hrs
Domestic Airport will have to arrange their own transport till InternationalDirect International Airport Nearby station, need to take transport till the airport.
Most CostlyBetween Air and Train Cheapest
ConvenientMost ConvenientNot very Convenient
Approx Rs.4-10kApprox Rs.600-3kApprox. Rs500 + Rs.500 for connecting cab
IndiGo is the best domestic air service.Ola, Uber, Airport CabThere are few trains, especially between Pune and Mumbai and a lot of other long-distance trains are also there.
Not recommended as there is no direct flight and you will have to take a long route, unnecessarily wasting your time.Recommended for all.Recommended only for people familiar with Pune and Mumbai.

Note: Do check the latest travel advisory upfront as rules are changing frequently depending on the Covid situation in countries.

The cheapest way to travel from Pune to Mumbai Airport or Mumbai Airport to Pune

The cheapest option depends on how many people are traveling with you. My recommendation is:

If traveling alone with only 1-2 pieces of luggage, go for the MSRTC Volvo bus, the frequency is almost every hour. It will cost you around Rs400-Rs600.

Note: Try for long-distance buses that go via Pune like Mumbai Hyderabad, Mumbai Bangalore bus, you can barging a seat for Rs.300/- only! The only issue is it is not available from Airport.

You can also book these buses from RedBus or MMT or any other apps/websites.
In case you need to go to the International airport, get a cab/taxi from the domestic airport. It will cost you around Rs.100-Rs200.

KK Travels shared cab option is also good.

If Traveling in a group, go with the option of a cab. You can either take an Ola/Uber from the airport or Pre-book Airport Cab. You can also book a full cab with KK Travels.

Pune to Mumbai Airport Taxi Fare

It will cost you around Rs.2500 for a sedan and around Rs3500 for an SUV (Ertiga or other bigger car). Nowadays, most of the Ola/Uber cabs run on CNG. The CNG cylinder occupies almost full space, leaving no space for big suitcases.

So in case, you need luggage space, better book your cab from the travel booking app where you can ask for a diesel car.

Pune to Mumbai Airport cabs

I found the Airport cab service from MakeMyTrip much better than Ola, and Uber cabs.

Advantages of booking an Airport cab from MMT:

1. You know upfront which cab you will get (Diesel or CNG).

2. The driver arrives 30min before the pickup time (at no extra cost!).

3. Waiting charges starts after 45min and charges are Rs.2 per hour.

4. Drivers are aware of shortcuts as this is the route they drive, day in day out.

5. I found airport cabs cheaper than Ola, Uber cabs.

Pune Mumbai Airport Cab FAQ:

1. Is there a shuttle service between Mumbai Domestic (T1) and Mumbai International(T2)?

Yes, the shuttle service between T1 and T2 started in April 2022 but it’s only for transit passengers i.e passengers who need to get a connecting flight.

2. Is T2 also used for domestic flights?

Yes, Terminal 2 or T2 of Mumbai international airport also caters to some domestic flights like Vistara, Indigo

How to book a prepaid taxi at Mumbai airport?

Just as you step out of Mumbai airport, you will see Pre-paid taxi stand. You just have to get a token where your destination will be mentioned. Make sure to ask for a bigger taxi in case you need it. Then board the taxi and off you go!


There are many options available for travel between Pune and Mumbai. Hope this post “Cheapest Way Travel Pune Mumbai Airport” helped you decide on the mode of travel.

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