Mumbai is not only the financial capital of India, it is also among the most visited city. Apart from experiencing the city life, there are many natural places as well in and around Mumbai that balance out the hustle and bustle of city life. During monsoon, Mumbai turns into a different city.

Waterfalls in and around Mumbai

You will find a decent waterfall near Mumbai, no matter whether you stay in Central,Harbour or Western line. For the sake of simplicity, I have grouped waterfalls in Mumbai according to the train regions.

Waterfall Near Mumbai in Western Suburbs

Western suburbs are better known for its beaches but you will find many waterfalls as well around it.

Following are some good waterfalls:

Borivali National Park waterfall

Yes, during rains, you will find awesome waterfall at Kanheri caves , Borival National Park.

You can reach Borivali station using local train from Western line or drive your vechicle till Borivali.

The entrance fee is Rs.85 for national park. You can either trek till Kanheri caves or board the bus that operates at regual interval inside the national park.

For Kanheri caves, you will have to buy another ticket that will cost your Rs.5/-

Just start walking towards caves and you will see water gushing down from the mountain.

Chinchoti Waterfall Vasai

Chinchoti is a small village around 14km from Vasai/Naigon. Its easy to visit, the trek to waterfall is simple and waterfall is good.

You can visit there either by train or road (last mile you will have to cover via road).

Chinchoti via train: You need to arrive at Vasai or Naigaon, both suburban train station in western line. From there you can get bus or sharing auto till Chinchoti Naka.

Bus ticket is around Rs.15/- per person and sharing auto will take around Rs.35-50 per seat.

Waterfall Near Mumbai:Chinchoti Waterfall Vasai
Chinchoti Waterfall river

Chinchoti via personal vehicle: Chinchoti is located on the Mumbai Ahmedabad highway. Use your GPS/Google Map to reach till Chinchoti Nake. You can take your vehicle till the base of the mountain and park there.

Note: There is no paid parking, make sure your vechicle is properly locked.

Chinchoti Trek: Once you get down at Chinchoti Naka, start treking towards mountain. The route is simple but do ask for directions from villagers if its your first time.

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Tungareshwar waterfall Vasai

The route to Tungareshwar and Chinchoti is common. You can visit Tungareshwar by road or train. You will get bus/sharing auto from Vasai that will drop you near Tungareshwar and you will have to trek till the temple & waterfall.

Devkundi River/Kaman River at Naigaon-Vasai

Devkundi is a village around 3km from Kaman at Vasai-Naigaon. Its more of a hike than a trek. In case you are looking for a place where you can reach using vechicle, Devkundi river is the place for you.

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Waterfall Near Mumbai in Central suburbs

You will find many waterfall in Central suburbs. These are very famous amont tourist and you will find these places quite croweded during weekends.

Kondana Waterfall and Caves

Waterfall Near Mumbai:Kondana Waterfall and Caves
Kondana Cave water fall

Kondana is famous for its caves but it has very good waterfall as well. It is considered to be very simple trek.

To reach Kondana, you will have to reach Karjat, by taking a local train from Central line. From Karjat, you will have to take an auto. Full auto will charge you Rs.400/- or Rs.50-80/- per seat.

From the point auto drops, you need to trek. Its around 1.5hrs simple trek and you will enjoy it thoroughly.

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Malshes Ghat waterfall

Malshej Ghat turns into an amazing waterfall during rains. You will experience the best waterfall at this place and there are many waterfall around this ghat.

You can either take a bus from Kalyan W or drive your own vehicle. You will see many cars parked at this ghat and people get down to enjoy the waterfall.


Mumbai is a place where you can experience the fast city life, the seashores, the nature rich treks and waterfall.

Hope you enjoyed this post on Mumbai Waterfall.