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How To Get Nandi Hills Weekend Pass Online? Can it be avoided?

Nandi hills re-opened on 25th March 2022 and the government announced some restrictions for weekends when the crowd is at its peak. One of the measures was Nandi Hills Online booking for weekend visitors.

It was published that visitors will have to do online bookings on the KSTDC website for weekends and only those with a prior booking will be allowed on weekends and other holidays.

Do read full details on How To Get Most Out Of One Day Nandi Hills Trip.

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Nandi Hills Online booking

Nandi Hills Online Booking Reality

I tried to book on the site but the closest thing I could get is Nandi Hills 1 day trip. It is a full 1 day Bangalore trip. It covers some most visited spots in Bangalore along with Nandi Hills but you will miss sunrise with this trip.

I called KSTDC customer care and they informed me that there is no online advance booking needed and you will get the ticket on the spot. This is a classic case of miscommunication. So many tourists had to return back in the initial days as the officials manning the Nandi Hills entrance were confused about what is allowed and what not.

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So if you are planning to visit Nandi Hills during holidays or weekends, better start early. The gates open at 6 am and only 1000 two-wheelers and 300 light motor vehicles (this includes minibus) will be allowed at any given point in time.

Note: Starting from Bangalore at 330-4 AM will give you some advantage and you will be at the start of the queue.

Do note, either you reach early and wait in queue for the gates to open or come late and wait in queue for parking to be available!!

Remember, the early bird gets the worm, in this case, itโ€™s Sunrise!!

So if you miss the first lot, just wait. As the vehicles return and there is a parking spot available, more vehicles will be allowed.

You may miss the sunrise but most of the time during non-summer its cloudy and sun is hardly visible!

If you want to avoid this queue and enjoy both Sunrise, Sunset better book Hotel Mayura Pine Top. The check-in time is 1 PM and check-out is 11 am. You can enjoy the sunset on the first day of your stay, get up early and reach the hilltop without bothering about traffic and enjoy the sunrise.

Also, if you are taking government bus to Nandi Hills,you will definetly miss the sunrise, so plan for a dayโ€™s stay. Just workout the cost of cab fare (to & from) vs Cost of one night stay at Hotel Maurya Pine top and you may find it cheaper to stay.

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Weekends and holidays are always the crowd puller to Nandi Hills. Be prepared for a long queue. If possible, visit during weekdays or book Hotel Mayura Pine Top for full enjoyment.

Also remember, most of the time its foggy and very cold at Nandi Hills. You may not even see the sun rise untill its pretty up in the sky, so dress up accordingly and set your expectations.

Better plan to visit intresting places around Nandi hills so that your morning trip is worth it if you are not able to see the sun rise,

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