Bhushi Dam, Lonavala: Best 1 Day Trip

Bhushi Dam is a good spot to visit during or just after monsoon. The water is very less after rains stops and you may not enjoy at all.

The dam is over flowing and this is a good time to visit Bhushi Dam.

Planning to visit Bhushi Dam Lonavala? You have come to the right place where I will be sharing my personal experience on how’s, what’s, Do’s, and Don’ts while planning for Bhushi Dam. Keep reading…

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Where is Bhushi Dam?

Bhushi Dam is located in Lonavala, Maharastra. It\’s around 6km from Lonavala. It is built on the Indrayani river.

Its history goes back to the 19th century when it was built by the Peninsular railway to fulfill the need for water for their steam engines.

Bhushi Dam Timings

The dam is open to the public till 5pm, it starts getting dark after that so better avoid it after 5pm. In the morning, you can reach it as sunlight is available.

Why is Bhushi Dam famous?

Bhushi Dam is one of the most visited places during the monsoon in Pune is Bhushi Dam Lonavala. People just wait for the news of water overflowing in the dam and barge into the place!!

How to reach Bhushi Dam?

To reach Bhushi Dam you need to come to Lonavala. Lonavala is around 55km from Pune and approx. 80kms from Mumbai. It is well connected by road and train.

Bhushi Dam in Lonavala by Train

Lonavala is a train station where all the long-distance trains from and to Mumbai stop. It’s also a local train station where frequent local trains ply between Pune and Lonavala.

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Transportation Cost of reaching Lonavala

FromBy TrainBy BusBy Cab
Mumbai To LonavalaApprox. Rs.100/-Rs200 (AC)Approx. Rs.120/-Rs.300 (AC bus)Approx. Rs.2000/-
Pune To LonavalaRs.30-Rs.100 (1st class)Approx. Rs.70-Rs.200 (AC Bus)Approx Rs.1000/-

Bhushi Dam in Lonavala by Road

Lonavala is well connected by road from Mumbai as well as Pune. You can take the expressway or the old Mumbai Pune highway and reach Lonavala.

Lonavala to Bhushi Dam

Once you reach Lonavala, you need to proceed toward platform no.3 and exit from there.

You can either walk the 6km stretch or take an auto-rickshaw from the Lonavala station.

Note: If you can walk around 1km towards Bhushi Dam, there you can get sharing auto-rickshaw on a seat basis. It will cost you much more from the Lonavala station itself.

Budget Hotels Near Bushi Dam

Best time to visit Bhushi Dam in Lonavala

The best time and only time to visit Bhushi Dam in Lonavala is during Monsoon. That also after a few weeks of rains as it’s around this time only the water starts overflowing from the Dam.

There is no point in visiting Bhushi Dam during Summer as there will be no water flowing and it will look barren.

How to check if water is overflowing in Bhushi Dam?

Usually, the dam starts overflowing after a few weeks of rains but still check local Marathi news or search YouTube. YouTubers are a good source of news for any tourist place as they are constantly looking for content in the most visited places.

Note: While checking YouTube, do sort by this week to get the latest video. It will give you the best information.

Food options in Bhushi Dam

If you are traveling from Lonavala station, there are lots of restaurants from where you can have a good meal and then move ahead.

You will find food options near the Bhushi Dam as well, it will be a bit costly but worth it. You can get a Veg as well as Non-Veg hotels.

Do’s and Don’t for Bhushi Dam Trip

To make the trip enjoyable and a trip to remember, do follow these Do\’s and Don\’ts else you may remember the trip, not for very pleasant reasons.

Carry spare clothes to change into after getting wet. Avoid wearing clothes that get very heavy after getting wet.
Wear shorts and T-shirts.Ladies beware, clothes get transparent after getting wet, so dress accordingly.
Carry slippers to war near the water, and keep shoes in water-resistant bags.Avoid leather and non-washable footwear.
Carry some sort of rain protection like a rain jacket, cap, etc if your immunity
is not very good.
Don’t carry an umbrella, it will not help due to the wind.
Carry your cell phones well wrapped in waterproof material.Don’t throw plastic and other carry bags in/near the dam
Carry some food, fruits though there are options but still it\’s advisableDon’t litter in tourist places
Carry plenty of water though you won\’t be very thirsty.Don’t drink water from the dam

Hotels Near Bushi Dam: Hotel stay for all budget

Fish Spa, Bhushi Dam

You can pamper yourself with Fish Spa, its just next to Bhushi dam. Fish spa is basically you will dip your feed in a tank filled with small fish. The fish will tickle you, and may as well bite you :-).

You will have to pay Rs.100/- for a 10min fish spa.

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Bhushi Dam FAQ’s:

Can we visit Bhushi Dam now?

Yes, Bhushi Dam is open for tourists now.

Is there water in Bhushi Dam?

Yes, Bhushi Dam is overflowing with water, thanks to continuous rains. The dam started overflowing in 7th July for the year 2022.

Are there changing rooms in Bhushi Dam?

Yes, you can get changing rooms adjacent to Bhushi Dam by paying around Rs.20/-. You can also keep your bags in the cloakroom by paying Rs.30/-


Bhushi Dam Lonavala is a must-visit place during monsoon. It\’s a one-day trip but you can take also stay in a hotel and visit nearby places like Khandala and other points.

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