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Nepal is a beautiful and budget friendly place to visit.

Nepal travel is a good budget travel where you can see a new country by spending very less money. Apart from the natures attraction, Nepal attracts tourists with its โ€œVisa On Arrivalโ€ policy, Safety, and the low cost of tourism.

Tourists arriving from the US and Europe and most of the other developed countries get more than 50 times the value of the currency of their country in Nepal i.e 1USD=120 Nepalese rupee! and 1INR=1.6 Nepalese Rupee.

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Where is Nepal?

Nepal, the roof of the world, is located in the Indian subcontinent between India and China. The land of Mount Everest is the favorite amongst the trekking community. But there is much more in Nepal than trekking, keep on reading to know more about Nepal Travel.

How To Reach Nepal?

Nepal is well connected by Air and Roads. You can take a flight to Kathmandu International airport or visit by road from India.

In case you are an Indian citizen, you can just show your citizen proof and enter Nepal! You can even use INR in Nepal without converting it.

Note: In case you are taking your vehicle in Nepal, make sure to get a permit for it else your vehicle can be confiscated there.

INR currency notes of Rs.500 and Rs.2000 are not accepted, do carry smaller notes.

Nepal Travel in budget
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Nepal by Air

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You can fly to Nepal from your country, you will land at Tribhuvan International airport. Not a very fancy airport but it does its job.

It may well be among the most picturesque airports due to the natural beauty surrounding it.

Nepal by Train

You can get a train to Gorakhpur (UP) or Raxaul (Bihar) and from there you need to take road transport. These are the nearest railway stations to the Nepal border from Indiaโ€™s side.

Nepal by Road

You can arrive in Nepal by road from India either via Gorakhpur: Sonauli (UP) or Raxaul (Bihar) to Birgunj.

From these places, you can get Bus or share a cab or book a full car. Indians can enter Nepal without their immigration but do carry your Voter Id/Passport with you.

In case you Enter by road and plan to return by flight from Nepal to India, make sure to get the entry stamp on your passport else you may face some issues.

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Visa cost for Nepal

Nepal issues three types of visas to tourists:

  • 15 Days cost $30 USD
  • 30 Days will cost you $50 USD
  • 90 Days is $125 USD

It can be extended in case you want to stay longer by visiting the immigration office in Kathmandu or Pokhara. It will cost you $30 USD for 15 days and $2 per day after that.

Note: Indians donโ€™t need any visa, if you arrive by air you will just have to fill out an arrival form!

How to get Sim card in Nepal

You can easily get a sim card in Nepal, the documents needed will be:

  1. Passport (Voter Id is also accepted for Indians)
  2. One passsport size photograph
  3. Applicable charges

Interesting facts about Nepal

Nepal KingGyanendra Shah
Nepal QueenKomal Rajya Lakshmi Devi Shah
Nepal CapitalKathmandu
Nepal Population30,225,582
Nepal LanguageNepali, Hindi
Nepal TimeGMT+5:45
Nepal International AirportTribhuvan International Airport
Nepal DressDaura & Suruwal
Nepal FoodDal Bhat (Lentils & Steamed rice)
Nepal National AnimalCow
Nepal National BirdHimalayan Monal
Nepal CurrencyNepalese rupee

Documents needed for Nepal Travel

  • Valid Passport (at least 6monts validity)
  • Passport size photographs
  • Visa (on arrival)
  • Do bring in some USD or INR as your debit/credit cards may not work in Nepal

Things to Carry for Nepal Travel

Due to geographical and cultural differences, a few things that may seem pretty obvious to Western Travellers may be very different in the Indian Subcontinent.

For example, in these countries toilet papers are not very common, they use water to clean after they are done.

Shower in the Bathroom may not be available at cheap places, they use mugs and buckets for bathing.

  • Medical & Travel insurance
  • Toilet Papers
  • Your basic medications including mosquito repellant cream, loose motion pills, vomit control pills
  • Electric adaptors/round to flat converters
  • Power bank

Tourist spots in Nepal

  1. Kathmandu
  2. Tamal
  3. Himalayas

An interesting fact about Nepal: It does not have Trains!!

Best time for Nepal Trip

The months after monsoon i.e October to December are the best months as monsoon has just got over and nature is at its best.

Also, the winter has just started so itโ€™s not extremely cold.

Note: Avoid June-August as its monsoon time (unless you like rains)

Nepal Night Life Scam

Beware of the nightlife scam where locals will lure you into shady places and will force you to spend all your money.


Nepal Trip should be in your list if you want to visit a country without spending too much money. You will definetly enjoy the nature, weather and culture of Nepal.

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