Sinhagad Fort: Where History Meets Fun!

Is Sinhagad Fort Open? Yes, it’s open, I visited with my friends on 26th June 2022 but do read the complete post to know what restrictions are in place for visitors to avoid disappointment.

Sinhagad fort is one of the most visited forts in Pune. Loved by both trekkers, nature lovers, and picnic goers, this is not too far from the city and not very close giving it the rare distinction of a trekking cum picnic spot.

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Where is Sinhagad Fort?

Sinhagad fort (Lion Fort), previously known as Kondana fort, is located on a mountain hill in the village of Donaje Pune, Maharastra. It is around 40km from Pune.

Sinhagad Fort Open Or Closed Today?

Sinhagad Fort is now open. There was a landslide on the Kalyan darwaja route, hence it\’s closed for some time else you can still reach the fort using Pune Darwaja which is the most frequently used route.

It was closed during the Covid-19 peak but re-opened as the cases declined.

Sinhagad Road

Sinhagad Road, also called Narveer Tanaji Malusare road is around a 33km long road connecting Pune with Sinhagad Fort.

Best time to visit Sinhagad fort

Sinhagad Trek

You can visit Sinhagad fort any time of the year. Even when its summer, the mountain top is pretty cool.

My favorite time is monsoon as the hill is lush green, the hill top gets very cold making trekking more enjoyable.

How to reach Sinhagad fort?

Depending on where you are starting, there are many ways to reach the Sinhagad fort.

Sinhagad by car, two-wheelers

You can take your car and bike on top of the hill where there is ample parking. Alternatively, you can take the sharing jeep from the Sinhagad base to the top.

Sinhagad by Public transport/Bus

To reach Sinhagad fort, you can also take a government bus.

Nowadays bus is available only from Swargate bus depot, you can ask anyone about Sinhagad bus or look for bus no. 50. It will cost you Rs.35/- for one side.

Note: Do note that normal bus passes are not accepted till Singagad, its valid till Khadgvasala only.

All other origins of the bus, including Corporation (MaNaPa) have been canceled.

Once you reach the fort\’s base, you can either trek or take a sharing jeep to the top of the hill.

If you like trekking, it\’s a 2-3hrs of a trek from base to the top. The trekking is not very difficult though during rains it may get a bit slippery.

Sinhagad Fort by Train

You can get down at Pune station and take a cab/bus till Sinhagad base or hilltop as explained above.

Sihagad by flight

The nearest airport to visit Sinhagad is Pune airport. From there take a cab to the fort base or hilltop.

You can also reach the Swargate bus stop and commence your journey as explained above.

Is the e-bus operational for Sinhagad fort?

No, the government stopped e-bus service due to safety reasons. The bus service was started on 1 May 2022 and stopped on 17th May 2022 due to various operational and safety reasons.

The government is planning to re-start the service by using smaller e-bus and installing more charging stations.

Ticket cost for visiting Sinhagad

To enter the Sinhagad fort, there is no ticket as such, yet.

If you are taking your vehicle to the hilltop, each car will have to pay Rs.100/ and two-wheelers will have to pay Rs.50/-

The private jeep operators also will charge you around Rs.50/- for a one-way ride. In case you are ok with the \”Overcrowded\” jeep, it\’s one of the best options for those without their own vehicle.

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What Is Sinhagad Fort Famous For?

The fort itself is a big attraction, but once you have reached the fort do not miss the following tourist spots:

Tanhaji Malusare Samadhi

The mighty Maratha commander died in the battle to take over this fort.

Top Khana (Cannon storehouse)

This is the location where cannon shells were stored. Just explore around and you will see one ancient cannon on the wall.

Food options on Sinhagad Fort

There are plenty of food options on the way up while trekking as well as once you reach the fort.

The villagers will serve you Maharashtrian dishes like bhakari, besan (gravy), pickles. You can also get seasonal fruits, lemon juice, etc.

Is Sinhagad open?

Yes, Sinhagad is open now. Kalyan Darwaza route is closed due to a landslide but Pune Darwaza (most frequently used) is open.
Depending on the covid situation or landslide threats it may be closed for tourists from time to time.

How many entrances are there for Sinhagad fort?

There are two enterance, Pune Darwaja and Kalyan Darwaja.
Pune Darwaja is the shorter route and simpler route whereas Kalyan Darwaja is the difficult and longer route.

How long does it take to climb Sinhagad Fort?

Depending on your speed, you may take anywhere between 2hrs to 4hrs to climb Sinhagad Fort by trek. By bike, you can reach the top in around 30min.

What is the entry fee of Sinhagad Fort?

Entry is free on Sinhagad fort.

Is Sinhagad difficult to climb?

Sinhagad trek can be classified as simple to medium difficulty trek.

Can car go to top of Sinhagad fort?

Yes, you can take your car to the top and park there. You will have to visit the fort on foot.