Is Matheran Open?

Is toy train operational?

What is Toy train timing?

Is Matheran Open?

Yes, it is...

Depending on the covid situation, some spots may be restricted.

Is the Toy train operational?

Now Toy train is operational Between Neral station and Matheran

How to reach Matheran from Neral?

Sharing car is available or you can use your own vehicle till Matheran Entry Gate.

From Aman Lodge, you can either take horse or train or walk

Therea are ample restaurants for food and hotels to stay

You can either walk to visit the points or take a horse package tour.

Rain has its own charm, but it makes the spots muddy and slippery

Better Avoid If You don't like getting all muddy!

Avoid Peak summer, immediately after monsoon is the best season