Matheran During Monsoon...

It Feels like heaven!

Matheran is
one of the
places you must visit...

Toy train is not operational from Neral during monsoon

You can either trek the whole way or take a cab till Dasturi Naka

From there you can take toy train from Aman Lodge to Matheran or ride a horse or trek...

Weekends can get very croweded, so be prepared,
Try to visit during weekdays

You can either return the same day or stay for night.
There are many hotels available for all budgets.


The road to tourist points can get slippery and muddy due to rain, so be prepared- both mentally and with cloths!!

Don't forget to buy stuff from locals, both food and souvenir

Recently there was a lsnd slide at one of the spot near Moneky Point, hence that spot is closed for tourists, other spots are stil open.

You can either plan a 1 day trip or book hotels, resorts or home stay there.

Home stay is as cheap as Rs.500!

It gets pretty dark at evenings, so plan to return before sunset

While returning, you can take the toy train till Aman Lodge and get a cab to Neral.
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At times local from Neral gets crowded, it makes sense to go till Karjat in case you need to travel far...

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