Rajasthan, or the land of the kings, is a hotspot on India’s tourism map, and not without reason. The scantly populated state, the largest in the country in area, has a rich history spanning across Rajput Kings, Mughal invasions, brave warriors, pious saints, skilled artisans, and some of the toughest, yet colorful people on the planet. The land known for its valor, hospitality, and its rich culture is also recognized worldwide for its grand architectural marvels. Rajasthan, with its enormous forts, grand palaces, intricately carved temples, and beautiful lakes and gardens offers unparalleled options to the tourists seeking something exotic and special. In addition to its rich history, the state is also home to the largest desert in the country, in the Thar, and also has some of the best wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, and tiger reserves in India. All that, combined with the state’s very rich culinary spread, makes it one of the most desirable regions to travel to in the country. So for those of you who wish to ride to Rajasthan, here’s an itinerary that’ll help you extract the most of your time in the state. Check out this 12-day motorcycle ride itinerary to Rajasthan, which gives you a broad idea about the cities to cover, approximate ride time, things to do, and some sense about what you should prioritize. You can always tweak it to suit your requirements.

Rajasthan is surrounded by the states of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat. Except if you’re traveling from down south by road, that is entering Rajasthan from Gujarat; Jaipur is the correct city as the starting point for your travel itinerary. For those entering Rajasthan from Gujarat, Udaipur is a more appropriate city as the starting point. This ride itinerary takes Jaipur as the starting point, as that’s where a wide majority of people will start their journey from.