About HB Travel

India’s favourite trip planning website. Coming soon to the entire world

Travel planning has always been messy and difficult

Planning every single trip needs answers to a number of questions. HB Travel is attempting to collect all the information that you will ever need to plan your trip – from when, where and how, to more hidden gems in every destination, HB Travel is the one-stop solution to all your travel planning needs.

Exhaustive, Reliable Content

Our travel guides are editorially curated, so you can trust that they will lead you to the right path. We have invested extensive resources over the last 8 years to build exhaustive, in-depth content for all destinations – to find answers to all your questions.

Goes Around the Globe

We started with a focus on India – and are proud to be building a global company out of India – but our ambitions are global. Soon enough, you will be able to research your trip to any destination around the world on HB Travel.

Bootstrapped Success

Every company has its own share of lows and highs, but Holidify has had an absolute roller-coaster ride over the years. From being bootstrapped for a long time, to barely surviving, making a dream comeback, and now surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, Holidify is a bold statement that fundraising isn’t the the way to run a startup.